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Viola Davis says ‘not every woman who is sexual is a size 2’

For Davis, that’s the whole reason she thought the now-infamous scene of Annalise Keating stripping herself of her hair and makeup on “How to Get Away with Murder” was such an important moment.

“[Actors] are in the business of creating human beings, of finding out what makes you tick — the psychological pathology,” she said Thursday night at Tina Brown’s Women in the World Summit. “Pathology is the study of tumors. Acting is a study of ‘What is your tumor? What is that nucleus?’ And in order to do that, I felt like if I took that wig off… what it’s going to force the writer to do is write the woman.”

And women, Davis added, don’t always fit into the boxes TV and movies have led them to believe they must exist in.

“Not every woman who is sexual is a size 2. Not every woman who is sexual is walking like a supermodel. And not every woman who is sexual is lighter than a paper bag,” she said.

Davis, who spoke at this year’s Women’s March in Los Angeles, asserted that she’s seeing change happen in the industry — or “a moment becoming a movement.”

“Women are much more aggressive out there in terms of getting what they want,” she said. “I see women wanting to be the change that they want to see.”

Davis spoke with MSNBC host and author Joy-Ann Reid as part of a wide-ranging discussion that closed out the opening night of the summit.

The event runs through the weekend.

News credit : Cnn