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Why this 12 year Old boy is being Famous in Tech World

This is no average looking kid at the age of 12 you would meet. He was drawn to computer when he was just 5 and was wondering how to display his name on his father’s computer screen. He set out on quest to solve simple mystery and with help of his father he started learning programming.

He lives in Brampton, Canada. He built his first app when he was just 9. He uploaded it on App store but could not match with the parameters and as they say success don’t come that easily and finally on Valentine’s Day 2013 his app finally got published on app Store.


In his address at IBM DeveloperConnect in Bengaluru on Friday he demonstrated his algorithm called ‘AskTanmay,’ which he described as “the world’s first web-based NLQA system, built using IBM Watson’s Cognitive Capabilities.” The eight-step algorithm can solve queries related to a ‘PERSON,’ ‘ORGANIZATION,’ ‘LOCATION,’ or ‘DATE’ answers type.

Apart from coding he is also enthusiastic about playing table tennis with his friend and likes to read books he has also authored a book named “Hello Swift”. He says he likes to coding it takes his mind off the thing.

“Follow your heart and passion. It could be anything, just practice and get better at it! “ these are the words of 12 year old and it says lot.


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