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X-Men: Dark Phoenix – what the trailer tells us

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In the two-minute trailer of X-Men: Dark Phoenix we see Jean Grey as a child, the X-Men attend a funeral and they make a trip into space.

This film focuses on the story of Jean Grey – now played by Sophie Turner – and her relationship to Phoenix and how it affects her mind and body.

The storyline is a crucial part of the comics and we’ve seen a version of it before in X Men: The Last Stand.

The trailer is a nice taster of what we can expect from the film but it also leaves a few questions unanswered.

1. Who is Smith?

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Jessica Chastain plays Smith

Near the start of the trailer we see the actress Jessica Chastain, with blonde hair and dressed all in black.

She goes into a church and is seen talking to Jean.

She tells her: “You feel like you don’t belong. You don’t.”

It’s not clear who Smith is but from the trailer, we’re guessing she’s a villain.

There is a character called Tabitha Smith in the Marvel Comics, but we will need to wait for more trailers to know exactly who she is.

Fans are also confused about this one.

2. Unsurprisingly, they’re embracing the dark theme

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You see a dark side to Jean Grey

When the film’s called Dark Phoenix, it’s not a massive shock that the tone is a lot darker.

Jean Grey is heard in the trailer saying: “They’re right to fear me.”

In the comics and other films, Jean has always struggled with her powers and in the trailer you see her flipping over police cars and bringing down a helicopter.

We also get a glimpse into her childhood.

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Jean as a young girl

A very young Jean is seen in the back of a car with her parents and they’re involved in a car crash.

There is the suggestion that she may have had a hand in her parent’s death.

The music in the trailer is a version of a 1967 song called This is the End by The Doors.

The lyrics include the line: “This is the end, beautiful friend, this is the end, my only friend, the end.”

3. Professor X isn’t perfect

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Professor X is always trying to help people and fix everything, but it seems like he can’t always do that.

Beast and Mystique both question some of his actions.

Mystique, played by Jennifer Lawrence, says: “Charles, what did you do?”

Has Professor X been messing with Jean’s mind in an attempt to try to help her?

He replies: “I had to keep her stable, I protected her.”

Beast also loses his temper with Charles, telling him: “This is your fault.”

The Professor is then seen sitting by Jean’s bedside and says to her: “I’m sorry I didn’t stop it sooner.”

4. People swap sides

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Magneto or Professor X – whose side to choose? This has always been a bit of a struggle for some of the X-Men.

In this film it seems to be Jean’s turn.

She finds Magneto who’s camping out somewhere with his group. Military helicopters swoop in and Jean uses her mind to control them.

The falling out between Beast and Charles must be serious, because he is also seen on team Magneto.

It looks like there maybe a stand-off between Beast, Magneto and two others versus Prof X, Nightcrawler, Storm and Luna.

We also the see the X-Men in uniforms square up to Jean in a street.

5. The X-Men go into space

In the Marvel comics the phoenix force comes from space and that might be why the X-Men make a trip to space in this film.

They’re seen in a spaceship wearing their blue jumpsuits with a yellow X on the front.

We don’t know much about their trip to space or what happens there, but Charles looks like he is sucked into a ball of fire. Could this be the Phoenix?

6. Someone dies

Beast and Professor X are at a funeral, Storm and Nightcrawler are also there.

They’re at the grave site, but we have no idea about who has died.

It may be one of the X-Men, we will have to wait until February when the film comes out to find out.

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